The italian girls Carolina and Chiara sit on the stone bench that is visible all along Avenida de Beiramar. They face each other and share a bottle of white wine while they eat something. Both are on their bare feet. Their peace of mind leads to a relaxed atmosphere in front of the Galician harbour of Vigo.

Carolina's American Shot. Conversation in Vigo, Spain. Source:

Carolina’s American Shot. Conversation in Vigo, Spain. Source:

Carolina is 22 years old. She is graduated in Philosophy and currently she is studying another career. “Capisci quando parlo?”, asks with a wide grin. Her intentions doing The Way of Saint James concern beholding the scenery, not having problems, being relaxed and not thinking about anything. Chiara and Carolina come from Milan. They arrived first at Oporto. Once having spent some morning time in Vigo, their intentions are arriving to León and continue along the path of “El Camino de Santiago” up to Santiago de Compostela and Finisterre, always on foot and without bookings.

What is happiness for you?

It is likely to be this. This. Later, we will take a photograph and it will be visible. With just a picture we are alright. We have everything we need. A smile, a willingness to do things, a willigness to live. We come across a lot of people, it may happen to you as well, that inspire you to move forward. This.

(Carolina, Spain. 1st of August, 2015)