OR2K is a well-known Asian vegetarian restaurant offered by the backpacker suburb of Thamel, in Kathmandu. It is located in the pedestrian Mandala Street and its atmosphere is as relaxed as colourful. That information would not be important if it wasn’t for the gastronomic scene I shared with Manuel and Sudeep, kind- hearted people that embrace the great Himalayan kingdom by their courageous support to his population.

Manuel's American Shot. Conversation in Thamel, Nepal. Source: www.ritapouso.com

Manuel’s American Shot. Conversation in Thamel, Nepal. Source: www.ritapouso.com

Manuel. From Valladolid. Agitated boy. Thinking mind. Founder of the project Viaja a Nepal, invierte en Nepal, Travel to Nepal, invest in Nepal, emerged with the earthquake from 2015. Manuel wants to “stimulate and promote the tourism in Nepal” so that people restore confidence in this human, geographical and cultural power. The name of the project reveals Manuel’s clear purpose: to promote trips to Nepal. He promotes them for two reasons. The first one is to cover the economic needs of the country as tourism is the main source of income for their population. The second one consists on travelling to Nepal to invest in the human side of ones individuality, if it still exists. In the case of Manuel, he was overflowing with humanity.

What is happiness for you?

And the difficult question, what happiness is for me. I think that happiness is doing what you want in the moment you feel like it. Happiness is about being with the right person or the right people in the moment you choose.

(Manuel, Nepal. 7th of August, 2016)